How Does A Refractor Telescope Work?

A simple refractor, or refracting telescope is a hollow tube which uses a primary lens at its opening to diffract, or change the path of incoming light waves. This primary lens is called the “objective lens” and is used to collect more light than the human eye. When light passes through the objective lens, it is bent – or refracted. Light waves that enter on a parallel path converge, or meet together at a focal point. Light waves which enter at an angle converge on the focal plane. It is the combination of both which form an image that is further refracted and magnified by a secondary lens called the eyepiece..
Refractor VR 60-900
Refractor VR 60-700
Refractor VR 152-1200
Refractor VR 80-800

Telephoto Telescope - D=90mm
(Focal Length= 600-800-1000-1300mm)



3 Position 1.25" Eyepice wheel
use for any telescope


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