Refractor 100-540(out of stock)

Optical Design Refractor
Diameter 100mm
Focal Length 540mm
F/ratio F5.4
Power 27x upto 270x
Finderscope red dot or finder
Diagonal 1.25"
Eyepiece(s) 20mm
Mount Type Alt-Az
Slow-motion Control YES
Counterweight(s) NO
Accessory Tray Yes
Motor Drive NO
Go-to NO
View Moon YES
View nebulae YES
View galaxies YES

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  • A great refractor telescope for serious beginners and intermediate-level stargazers
  • 100mm (3.9") aperture and  540mm focal length telescope excels at resolving star clusters, nebular clouds and detailed views of the Moon and planets
  • Nicely portable f/6 refractor fulfills a sweet-spot of versatility, yielding crisp views of solar system targets and deep-sky fare alike
  • Included  voyager Alt-Az mount features slow-motion controls for convenient manual tracking of celestial objects for extended study through the eyepiece
  • Includes two Sirius Plossl eyepieces , 6x30 finder scope, 2" focuser (with step-down 1.25" adapter), 90-degree mirror diagonal, adjustable tripod,!

Another  voyager designed original, the  supernova 100mm EQ Refractor Telescope is one of our most popular refractor telescopes, thanks to its compact, versatile design and affordable price.

With an intermediate focal length of  540 mm, the  5.4 voyager   100mm Alt-Az Refractor has more magnifying power than "short tube" refractors but shows you a wider field of view focal length telescopes. The 100mm diameter (3.9”) fully multi-coated achromatic objective lens provides ample light grasp for resolving sharp views of deep space curiosities like star clusters and nebular clouds. The AstroView 100mm alt-az Refractor also excels at viewing mountains and craters on the Moon and surface details on planets. 

The telescope’s 2” aluminum rack and pinion focuser allows use of optional 2" accessories for breathtaking wide-field views. A handy included adapter steps the focuser down to work with 1.25” accessories and higher-power 1.25” telescope eyepieces. Two 1.25" Sirius Plossl telescope eyepieces are included, one with 25mm focal length and one 10mm. The included eyepieces provide magnifications of 24x power and 60x power respectively, for a variety of views right out of the box. The included 6x30 achromatic finder scope makes it easy to aim the   super nova 100mm alt-az Refractor precisely anywhere in the sky. 

is just the right size for you and your family!


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