A mount is an equally important part of any telescope as the optical tube. Different telescopes need different mounts. Of course we also sell the mounts separately - that way you can find the proper base for any existing telescope.

Equatorial Mount Astro-3

Quick Release System:
The Astro-3 already features a quick release sysem (a rare property of such small mounts). You just need to lock or unlock one single screw in order to attach or remove the telescope. The dovetail plate remains fixed on the telescope. The standard version of this mount does not come with a dovetail plate.

Art. No. Short description Price - Euro incl. VAT
Astro 3 Equatorial mount Astro-3 with adjustable height aluminium tripod and quick exchange coupling. Without dovetail plate no longer available


Equatorial Mount Sky View

The SkyView is a relatively lightweight equatorial mount that packs quite a heavy load. It is well-made and all parts of the worm gear can be adjusted precisely.

A single axis motor-drive as well as a polar alignment scope are available as optional accessories.

The mount is easy to use and ideal for those new to amateur astronomy. There are slow-motion controls in both axes and big locking clamps. You can set the mount for a wide range of northern or southern latitudes by means of a fine adjustment screw, then lock it firmly with a large clamp.

You can remove the mount head from the tripod without any tools. The tripod is a sturdy adjustable height model.

The mount will carry short 150mm Newtonian telescopes with good stability. Alternatively it will carry refractors up to 100mm aperture (or up to 120mm aperture short tube refractors).

SkyView Accessories

One of the major pro's of the SkyView mount is its great value for money. Mechanical craftmanship is very good and compares favorably to Japanese mounts of similar design.

We offer many accessories for the SkyView mount:

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