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T-Ring for 35mm Cannon, Cannon EOS, Minolta,  Minolta Maxxum , Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Pentax K,  Sony

A T-Ring couples your 35mm camera body to a T-Adapter, Radial Guider or Tele-Extender. This accessory is required if you want to do any type of photography through a telescope or spotting scope. Each camera manufacturer has a different mount, which requires a specific T-Ring, so Voyager offers a full line of T-Rings.

To use a T-Ring, remove the diagonal and/or eyepiece from your telescope (some models require use of an eyepiece ،ھ see your instruction manual). Then you need only remove your normal camera lens, attach the proper T-Ring for your camera, and mount the combination to the rear cell of your telescope or spotting scope with a VR1 T-Adapter.

If you own an older SLR camera with a thread mount, it will probably accept the Pentax Universal Thread Mount T-Ring. If you have a new camera with a bayonet mount not listed above (Ricoh, Cosina, etc.), it most likely accepts the Pentax K-Universal Bayonet Mount T-Ring. Check your camera،¯s instruction manual for more detailed  information.

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