Solid Brass Demonstrational Armillary Spheres
Two Models to Choose from:

Armillary spheres have become an icon of science with their elegant rings and beautiful silhouettes.  Thought to have been invented by Eratosthenes around 255 BC, these instruments consist of a set of graduated rings representing circles on the celestial sphere, such as the meridian, equator, ecliptic horizon, tropics, and colures.  With an armillary sphere, one could track the path of the sun for any given day of the year or determine a star's coordinates.  The brass sphere at the center of the armillary represents the Earth.

Premium Quality 4-inch Serialized Brass Sextant
with Leather Case.

This is a beautifully made reproduction of a 4-inch radius British Lifeboat Sextant.  Each sextant is expertly crafted from solid brass and marked with a unique serial number.  This model is available with either a beautiful polished brass finish or an antique patina. 


Premium Quality C. Plath Reproduction Micrometer Drum
Readout Serialized Brass Sextant

The German C. Plath sextant is regarded as the "Rolls Royce" of nautical sextants.  This is the best sextant that we offer.  This Stanley London® premium quality 6 1/2 inch (16.5 cm) radius sextant is a beautiful full scale reproduction of the venerable C. Plath micrometer drum brass sextant. 


Calibrated Solid Brass Theodolite

We are proud to offer this beautiful detailed and functional and calibrated solid brass reproduction of a precision theodolite.  Theodolites are still used today for ultra high precision optical alignment and measurement.  The theodolite comes with a beautiful hardwood case and a teak and brass surveying tripod.  There is a spirit level and three adjustable legs for fine leveling.  The azimuth and elevation axes can be read on a vernier scale with the aid of built-in magnifiers.  Both axes have slow motion controls and the telescope can plunge and reverse to reduce bearing errors.  The azimuth axis has a second spirit level mounted on the telescope with a mirror to assist in leveling.  The telescope utilizes precision optics and has a brass lens cover. 
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