Diagonal mirror 1.25"     45 Degree
Diagonal mirror 1.25" - 2"    90 Degree
Diagonal mirror 1.25" - Metal

Product Description
Many observers prefer to use a good-quality mirror diagonal instead of a prism diagonal with high-end telescope systems. The mirror in these 90-deg diagonals are meticulously polished to yield maximum performance. Housings are made of black-anodized aluminum. Barrels are internally blackened. Each 2" diagonal accepts both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces (with included adapter). The 2" eyepiece holder as two locking setscrews for maximum eyepiece security. These diagonals render images that are right-side up and reversed left to right (therefore, not recommended for terrestrial observing). Diagonals are not recommended for use in reflector telescopes.



Full Metal 5X Barlow Lens  for Astronomical Telescope lens eyepiece


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Barlow 1.25" the Barlow lens can be used with 1.25"

ED Barlow 2x1.25" Version:

This is the counterpart of our famed 1.25", 2x/1.5x Barlow lens. It is well made both in design and craftmanship. Both lenses are fully multicoated for best-possible contrast and transmission. The lenses have a diameter of 37mm, thus you can even use 1.25" wide angle eyepieces without vignetting.

Further uses:

  • With a 1.25" extension tube - 50mm - you will attain a magnification of 2.7x compared to an eyepiece without the Barlow lens. That way you turn a 30mm wide angle eyepiece into an 11mm wide angle eyepiece with comfortable eye relief.
  • Remove the black anodized lens cell from the Barlow lens and screw it directly into your eyepiece to attain a magnification of 1.5x.

AOE 3x 1"and 1.25" Achromatic Barlow (Stubby)
A very good quality 3x fully coated achromatic barlow providing a clear sharp field in a small light package. Black anodised and all metal contruction with rubber grip.

Meade Instruments 5X Ultra TeleXtender - 1.25"

  • Meade 5X Series 5000 4-Element Ultra TX "TeleXtender" has an advanced optical image amplifying design.

  • Delivers a flatter field of view and no color fringing!

  • Meade 5x Series 5000 4-Element Ultra TX "TeleXtender" has blackened lens edge and metal surface edges for maximum image contrast.

  • Maintain the comfortable eye relief of longer focal length eyepieces while increasing the magnification five times!

Meade 07671 Ultra 5X TeleXtender - 1.25"


It's not a barlow lens... it's a Tele-Extender! Not to be confused with a tele-extender camera adapter commonly used for eyepiece projection astrophotography, the Meade 07671 Ultra 5X Tele Xtender incorporates an advanced four-element optical design that delivers a flatter field-of-view with sharper field edges. The TeleXtender delivers even better images than even the best three-element apochromatic barlows! All air-to-glass surfaces on the Meade Ultra 5X TeleXtender's four premium optical glass lenses are fully coated with multiple layers of individually tuned ion-deposited anti-reflection materials for maximum light transmission and contrast. But don't stop there... The lens edges of the Meade 07671 and all internal metal surfaces are blackened to maximize the image contrast!

Your 1.25" eyepieces are held in the Meade Series 5000 "Tele Xtender" by a non-marring clamp ring. This means no scratches on the eyepiece barrels of your prized collection. Like other premium models, the Meade Series 5000 Ultra 5X Tele Extender has a safety groove machined right in... This is a guarantee your Meade "TeleXtender" and eyepiece won't take a dive if the focuser thumbscrew should accidentally loosen. The Meade 07671 Ultra 5X TeleXtender doesn't bill itself to be apochromatic in performance, but color fringing is almost non-existent.

Meade 07671 Series 5000 Ultra 5X TeleXtender Features...

  • Premium grade optical glass.
  • Individually tuned, multi-layered coatings for maximum light transmission and highest contrast.
  • Fits all 1.25" eyepieces and accessories.
1.25", 0.965" Plastic holder 90 degree Diagonal ECONOMIC

Product Description :

Today you can enjoy the benefits of BaK4 quality binoviewers in your refractor, SCT or Newt. scope with a convenient package including:

  • 1.25” Binoviewer with anti-marring compression rings

  • A Pair of Wide Angle (66 deg.) 20mm Eyepieces


    Only high-quality BaK4 prisms with 20mm clear aperture for maximum brightness and contrast with any telescope. Fully Multi Coated. Anti-marring brass compression rings for your eyepieces. Individual eyepiece focus adjustment.

Binoviewer more than doubles your pleasure

After using the Binoviewer I can never go back to viewing with one eye again. This thing makes it so much easier to view planets and stars. The moon is phenomenal and because you use both eyes, everything is in 3D! It also was a great price which includes the two matching eyepieces and a Barlow. I have purchased more matching eyepieces and the viewing is great! Each eyepiece can focus separately and you can adjust your eye-to-eye distance just like a pair of binoculars. I highly recommend the Binoviewer.

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