Sky WatcherVR 152 - 750
(super achromatic lens)



Optical Design Refractor
Diameter 152mm
Focal Length 750 mm
F/ratio F/5
Power 50x to 107x(187X)
Finderscope Yes
Diagonal Yes
Eyepiece(s) 2 Eyepiece
Mount Type EQ4
Slow-motion Control Yes
Counterweight(s) Yes
Accessory Tray Yes
Motor Drive NO
Go-to NO
View Moon Yes
View nebulae Yes
View galaxies Yes
View Planets Yes

The VR152-750 is not only a wonderful, powerful visual voyagere for lower power, wide-field observations and higher power, super high contrast planetary and double star observations, but it is also a superb imaging machine. The tube assembly has been redesigned to be even more compact and lightweight than previous models. The VR152 can now be considered a fully portable high end ahromatic lidly at home on medium sized, easily transportable( and relatively inexpensive) mounts. This model can be enjoyed visually with any binoviewer/diagonal combination without the use of a barlow/corrector. When used photographically with a matched field flattener you'll experience coverage up to a 6x7 cm format with pinpoint stars across the entire field...even into the corners!

The VR152mm (6") f/8 Refractor Telescope sports triple air-spaced super ( out of stock ) and now available Achromatic lens high quality Fraunhover design( air-spaced ).
Newly designed lightweight tube assembly easily handles visual and imaging equipment.
The VR152mm (6") f/7.9 Refractor Telescope works with any binoviewer or diagonal combination without the need for correctors.
The Starlight 3.5" Feather Touch Focuser is fully rotatable, with zero image shift, and comes with a 3.5" to 2" and 2" to 1.25" adapter.
The VR152/1200 telescope comes with tube rings, a 50mm finder bracket, and adapter.
Quick release 50m finder bracket and retractable dew shield included.
Feathertouch focuser is rotatable, offers choice of two speeds, and includes an indexed drawtube and internal brake
3.5 -2-1.25" eyepiece adapters with brass compression rings.
Achromatic lens coatings.

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