Reflector VR 120-1200(out of stock)

Optical Design Reflector
Diameter 120mm
Focal Length 900mm
F/ratio F7.5
Power 28x to 53x
Finderscope 6*30
Diagonal Yes
Eyepiece(s) 32 & 17mm
Mount Type Alt-Az
Slow-motion Control manual
Counterweight(s) No
Accessory Tray Yes
Motor Drive NO
Go-to NO
View Moon Yes
View nebulae Yes
View galaxies Yes

The device will be delivered with power from 28 to 53 and in this case you can see the star groups and nebulae and galaxies and the moon and Jupiter and the case if you want to increase the power of the device So you can clearly see the volcanic craters of the moon and Jupiter and Saturn with it's circles and the geographical terrain in bigger size, will be added 2x Barlow multiplier Focal + 8 mm lens

you Can take a picture from the device on the computer and enlarged through the camera .... and we have many types of cameras
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